Research activities at his Lab. include electrical machines, motion control (MC) technologies applied to general
automation, embedded DSP solutions in power electronics and electrical drives (PED), power conversion, clean and
renewable energy technologies. In the field of electrical machines, design and control resulting in an increased
efficiency and reliability, multiphase machines, SR machines, and the application of DSP technologies in monitoring and
diagnostics of large machines. MC research is focused on transmission-less structures with linear motors, and
performance improvement of conventional robots by anti-resonant controllers, suppressing the mechanical resonance in
compliance-critical, flexible transmission. Proprietary control & tuning for MC systems extend the bandwidth, reduce
stiffness and allow for shorter cycles. His R/D activity in PED include the motor-converter integration, efficiency
optimized control, switching techniques reducing the insulation stress, state reconstruction for sensorless drives and
parameter estimation focused on efficiency, robustness and diagnostics. Efforts in the field of energy conversion include
novel topologies and embedded control providing reduced conversion losses, and concede savings on iron, copper and
power semiconductors. His interest include electrostatic precipitation (ESP) applied to filtering pollution gasses released
by power plants and industry. Proprietary controller ETF-2005 improves collection, energy efficiency, includes
coordinated corona control and rapping, includes spectrum based flashover supression and back corona elimination, and
comprises the adaptation mechanism with respect to the fuel parameters.